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Donations and Gift Aid
Donations and Gift Aid


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Gift Aid – are we missing out?


The Government recognises that the Church does good work in the community.  It also recognises that if you have given money to the Church, you have not had the benefit of that money.  So, they will give the tax that you have paid to the Church in order to recognise your generosity and the work that will be done with the money that you have given.  The scheme applies to any one who pays income tax or capital gains tax, provided the amount they pay or have deducted in UK income tax or capital gains tax at least equals the amount the Church will claim in the tax year.


The figures are quite dramatic.  Some examples are set out below



Amount per week

Gift Aid Refund

Per Year










This is the average weekly gift per planned tax-efficient giver in the Diocese in 2010.



This the average weekly gift per planned tax-efficient giver across England in 2010.



This is the average weekly gift per planned giver in Bristol Diocese (our neighbouring Diocese) in 2010


Over the coming weeks we are all being asked to review our giving.  Those who do pay income tax (and most of us do – it is one of life’s certainties!) are also asked to review how they give.  Standing Order or envelope, coupled with a Gift Aid declaration, will enable your gift to increase by 25%.  If your tax position changes, so you no longer pay tax, just let Patti Simcock know and the scheme, for you, will stop.  And, if you pay a higher rate tax you can claim tax relief on your donations.


The scheme is simple and straightforward and is the only way that you can tell the Government how to spend the money that you have paid in tax. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q      I already make a payment by Standing Order – does this change?


A       You need not take any action in relation to the Standing Order. However, should this exercise prompt you to consider the level of payment, a new Standing Order Mandate (download follows) should be completed and returned to the Treasurer.



Q      I usually put money in the Collection each Service – can I still do so.


A       Yes please. However, to make giving more effective, please complete a declaration and use an envelope which we will supply.



Q      I occasionally bring friends to a Service – what should they do?


A       Please ask them to complete the ‘Yellow’ envelope.

Q      Can I mix Standing Order and envelopes?

A       Yes, of course. We will have a set of ‘Blue’ envelopes for you.